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in Tarrant County Texas

Getting Arrested

Has your loved one been arrested and detained by police in Texas? Are you out on bail trying to fight your criminal case? If so, get legal representation immediately. The future and freedom of persons charged with a criminal offense are at stake.

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A traumatic experience

Being arrested for a criminal offense is never an easy thing to go through. The questioning an intimidation by police can make you feel guilty even if you are innocent. If you are arrested, seek legal counsel from an attorney before speaking to a detective. Your attorney will make sure your rights are protected.

There is hope

All hope is not lost after you are arrested. In Tarrant County, certain crimes can qualify for programs that can keep you out of jail, eliminate a formal conviction, or even drop your charges completely. In the pre-trial diversion program, if you successfully complete the program requirements, your case will be dropped.

A good attorney is vital

If your case is on a more serious level, you will have to prepare for trial. The trial preparation process can run as little as under 30 days to 3 years or more. If you want a chance to get your charges reduced or dropped, or bargain for a reduced sentence, you will need an experienced attorney to fight for you.

Find a good lawyer

If you need legal assistance to fight a criminal case in Tarrant or Dallas County, Texas, there are attorneys in Arlington Tx that are experienced and ready to fight to win your case and protect your rights during the entire legal process.